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SOLD - 2009 ENSTROM 480B

Helicopters, Inc. has commercially operated and maintained this 2009 Enstrom 480B under Part 135 since new. The aircraft has never been damaged and is still in impeccable condition. Already has ADS-B In/Out. Fresh annual inspection included upon sale.

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This Enstrom 280FX has been commercially operated and maintained by the Enstrom factory trained maintenance team at Helicopters, Inc. since new. As one of the workhorses of our operation for the past 15 years, it has been maintained to the highest standards. Regardless of more than 8,000, it has never been damaged, and unlike the competition, has never been back to the factory for overhaul. Already has ADS-B In/Out. Fresh annual inspection upon sale.

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This Enstrom F-28F has been commercially operated and maintained by the Enstrom factory trained maintenance team at Helicopters, Inc. for the past 6 years. This turbocharged piston helicopter would be perfect for a new owner looking for a cost-effective way to build time in a well-maintained and safe helicopter. Already has ADS-B In/Out. Fresh annual inspection upon sale.

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Enstrom Helicopter Dealer

As an Enstrom operator for over 25 years, Helicopters, Inc. is a firm believer in the safety, performance, and utility of Enstrom helicopters. We are an Authorized Enstrom Dealer who has sold Enstrom helicopters for both private and commercial operators. We can help you find the new or used Enstrom helicopter to meet your needs.

The Enstrom F280FX has easily the most graceful lines of any current production piston helicopter. Enstrom once had a booth banner proclaiming, "Life is too short to fly an ugly helicopter".  

Looks aren't everything. Pilots crash helicopters much more often than helicopters crash pilots. You are far better protected in an Enstrom and more likely to walk away from the accident should you make a mistake.  

The wide gear and low center of gravity combined with the wide operating envelope of the fully articulated rotor system makes dynamic roll-over highly unlikely.  

The main rotor has ample inertia with a thick aluminum leading edge. I once hit a vulture with an Enstrom blade and landed immediately to check for damage. The bird suffered fatal damage but the blade had none. (The blade did not have a pleasant aroma.) Operating for several years in the Alaskan bush, these blades were, on occasion, observed to have a green chlorophyll stain at the end of the day but never any damage.

The tail rotor is not mounted in a vertical fin. This mounting allows virtually unobstructed air flow through the T/R arc. This powerful tail rotor is difficult to push into LTE.

The turbocharged engine produces a high percentage of rated horsepower at altitude. I once had a photo flight that required a climb to 12,600 feet. An autorotation from this altitude took a bit of time. We were cold with the door off for the photography and wanted to reach the warmer air below. I did a zero airspeed vertical descent to keep more heat in the cabin. Mission accomplished!

Personally, I have more than seventeen thousand hours in Enstrom helicopters.  On November 2nd 2019, the FAA gave me the "Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award" for more than fifty years of flight safety without a violation or an accident. We have come a long way, Rudy Enstrom.  Thank you, Enstrom Helicopter!

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